To Do List: June 2013

June 2013 Monthly Mood Board 2013

So, it’s been a while, I know, but I wanted to bring back the Monthly Mood Boards so here we go!

LISTEN: Lianne La Havas has the voice like a lark that almost seems to energize you after you listen to it. I’m particularly found of the track, “Au Cinema.”

BUY: TADAM Jewelry is so damn adorable I might break a tooth trying to eat these little confections.

VISIT: Woody Creek Distillers showed me around their place at the start of the month when I was visiting the Aspen area and they have me convinced that it’s not that I dislike vodka, I just dislike the crappy stuff.

EAT: Kin Shop in New York City totally made my last trip there with their phenom Arctic Char and other modern takes on Asian flavors.

WEAR: This Zara Printed Dress was a last-minute choice for an event and I’m so glad I snagged it. You feel like $1 million in it even though it costs less than $100.

PACK: I’ve never found a crossbody bag I’ve totally gone gaga for until I met this Bi-Coastal Bag. I’m traveling abroad next month and have the feeling it’ll be my go-to while I’m on the road.

SWOON: Apparently I love me a lot because I got to borrow two of these I Love Me Rings  for an event and really wish I could wear them on a regular basis.

VISIT: My sister is a docent at the oh-so gorgeous Getty Museum and I was totally smitten for this Overdrive exhibit — which gives you an architectural history of LA — when I last visited.

SHOP: While attending Alt Summit NYC, I discovered and love how they’re taking the time to tell the backstory to their vendors so you feel a connection even if you’re purchasing online.

WATCH: A friend of a friend produces this Five To Seven Videos series and I can’t wait to see more. The intimate way its shot and the fact that everyone’s sharing through food — it’s right up my alley.

To Do Lists are monthly lists where I share my favorite discoveries of the last 30 days with you.

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