Sacrilege and Proud: Corn Chowdered Clams

Nothing against chowder but I like this better.

My problem with chowder is that I have always wanted them all – corn, clam, and potato – mixed up together even though that’s totally sacrelig.

And, seeing as I didn’t grow up in the crazy cold winters of New England, well, I just don’t need the rib-sticking heaviness of a classic clam chowder. That’s why I came up with this method I call “chowdering” clams. It’s a term I made up so it means nothing more than this definition that I *just* fabricated: verb, to cover a dish with chowder-like ingredients even though you’re technically not making anything like chowder, as is the case with these Corn Chowdered Clams.

Corn "Chowdered" Clams from

So, these Corn Chowdered Clams are like the Cliff Notes version of chowder, see? And it’s my favorite use of white corn and seafood this side of the Mississippi. These Corn Chowdered Clams are inspired by my holiday weekend trip to Cape Cod but they tastes great even if you can’t make it to the shores of the Cape.