Pretty. Easy. Lobster Roll

I had never stepped foot on Cape Cod until a few years ago and I’m excited to say that today will kick off my second trip.

Before I had visited, I didn’t know much, though, in my mind, it was all about sporting Nantucket Reds, mastering sailing, hobnobbing with the Kennedys, and lobster rolls.

While I can’t attest for the first three, what I can tell you is that it is very much about the lobster rolls — at least that’s the case with the friends who are hosting me. I stepped foot in my friend’s family’s house and before I could shake hands, his 90+ grandmother looked at me in her 5-foot-and-nothing frame and shoved a lobster roll in my face. She said, “Welcome to the Cape, have a lobster roll.”

Okay, that may not be *exactly* how it went down, but that’s the memory I’ve cobbled together. That lobster roll was amazing – not only because I was ravenously hungry — but because the lobster was super fresh, the mix so simple, and the rolls just toasted.

While I can’t bring you with me to the Cape, I figured the rolls were easy enough to share with you. And, since I can’t really imagine being anywhere else more Patriotic than near Plymouth rock on this holiday weekend, I’m trying to make the experience and not the food take center stage.

PS – Any true New Englander (is that a word?) probably realizes these aren’t uber traditional lobster rolls – that’s what the “Simplified” version below is for. Because if you can’t mix things up every now and then, it’s a bit boring, no?

Pretty. Easy. Lobster Rolls from