Pretty. Easy. BLT with Chipotle Mayo and Caramelized Onions

Do tell, how high is your BLT quota?

It’s a sandwich we all know yet I don’t eat that often. That’s because I’m of the firm opinion that BLTs should only be consumed in the height of summer — when tomatoes are tops — because then something as simple as a classic BLT can be absurdly satisfying.

These BLTs were finished off within minutes without hesitation. We may have each snuck a few extra slices of bacon in there and smeared the last of the caramelized onions on the heels of the bread. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to make a sandwich but then there’s a sort of religion and tradition to the BLT. The bread, the bacon, the mayo, and the ordering all make a difference. And yet I know very few people who make the same exact BLT — they’re like the snowflakes of sandwiches.

BLT Sandwich Fixings from

This version is my BLT of now — with sweet caramelized onions, a bit too spicy mayonnaise, drippy tomatoes, and crisped, almost blackened bacon. It takes a bit longer to make than others — which is what the “simplified” version below is for —  but, if you make the onions ahead of time, I’m sure you’ll agree that you’ll never want another BLT without them. So, go on, up your quota before summer and tomato season passes us by.

Pretty. Easy. BLT Sandwich with Chipotle Mayo and Caramelized Onions