Mixtaple: Basque Country

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Imagine if your life had a soundtrack — a musical score that would play as life unfolded. One that would musically reflect where you were at any given moment and mirror the mood of the time, weather, and the company you were keeping.

This week I’m exploring Basque Country with my the French side of my family where we’re tucked away in the village of Ascain — a place so teeny you’d might blast right past it if you were driving too fast. Fall has started here and the weather keeps jumping between blue skies and downpours. And we’ve managed to settle into a centuries-old stone house that could be the setting for an old Hitchcock movie — creaky floors, dark wood furniture, and the occasional bat.

It’s an area that looks a bit Swiss, has the warmth of Spain (since the border is just a few miles away), and is as unique as the Basque people themselves. As such I felt the need to make my own soundtrack that would reflect the quirky individuality of a trip like this but was moody and chill enough to reflect the transition of late summer into fall. So, here are my Basque Country-inspired travel tunes that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do (you can also click through and listen to the whole playlist right here).

Mixtapes are themed music playlists that I share with you whenever inspiration strikes!

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