Grilled Flank Steak with Balsamic-Mint Fig Salsa

Last night an Uber saved my life — I know, that makes me sound so 2013, right? I didn’t even knew what Uber was last year and now I call them every two seconds. But, in Los Angeles, where drunk driving is a really bad habit, Uber is clutch.

Sure, I exaggerate every now and then but, re: this sitch, I’m totally serious. Last Night my brother’s birthday celebration quickly evolved from happy hour drinks to an (almost) all nighter. Around midnight we were heading from dinner to a club on Fountain. (If you’re ever Hollywood area and have to go east-west, take Fountain. Yes, I realize that made me sound like The Californians but we truly do talk driving around here!)

We were passing through the intersection when out of nowhere a car nearly jackknifed us. If there ever was a car service superhero, our driver would qualify because his cat-like reflexes allowed meant he not only avoided the accident but also the parked car just a few inches beyond that. We were stunned into silence so, when it finally registered that this guy saved our lives, we cheered him on incessantly wishing we could all give him “5 star” ratings. My boyfriend and I glanced at each other with one of those “we’re so lucky to be alive” looks and we carpe diem-ed the night away.

Flank Steak with Balsamic Fig and Mint Salsa from

Still a bit traumatized today, we decided to go car-less today, which means tonight is an at-home date night. We’re cooking this grilled flank steak with a balsamic fig salsa because, if the weather is anywhere near as hot where you are as it is in LA, you know grilling season is nowhere near over. (Bonus that, if you live in an apartment like mine and you don’t have an outdoor grill, you can pull out a grill pan.)  Flank Steak with Balsamic Fig and Mint Salsa from

This fig salsa is super simple, and, though it’s delish as is, feel free to switch it up as you please — add chopped hatch chiles if you want to be super seasonal or toss in blue cheese for an indulgent topping. And if steak isn’t your thing, serve this fig salsa with chicken, pork, or tossed with greens for an easy salad. Trust me on this one that this recipe is so simple but so tasty that you’re going to be very happy you decided to stay at home for date night — I know we are.