Pretty. Easy. Chocolate Banana Pudding Icebox Cake

Happy Birthday to all the September Babies!

I’m giving a special shout out to you because apparently I’ve got an inordinate amount of friends born in September. And when I say inordinate I mean over 100 people — crazy, right? I mean, I know it’s the highest rate birth month and all but that’s a seriously large fraction of the people I know. 

Just in the last week, I’ve celebrated three birthdays and in our family alone we have six celebrations in the next three weeks. That said there are a lot of cakes and candles and birthday songs in my future. Last week I made a Tiramisu Cake for my brother and then came up with this Chocolate Banana Pudding Icebox Cake for my niece who turns 5 today.

Chocolate Banana Pudding Icebox Cake Recipe from

It’s a Pretty. Easy. recipe because all it requires is a few minutes of mixing, some assembly, a bit of time, and you’re done. Icebox cakes are by no means newfangled but most the versions out there are tailored to kiddie tastes and, well, they tend to look a little haphazard. This is not that — with the help of a loaf pan, it comes together beautifully and the flavors are tamed down on the sugar but amped up on the flavor so it kid friendly but adult appropriate.  Chocolate Banana Icebox Cake from

If I told you I ate each and every piece I sliced off for photography, well, that would be the truth. And, seeing as I’m someone who’s not that into sweets, creams, or anything on the dessert menu, well, let that be a testament to how much I like this cake. Never mind the fact you could churn them out, so, if like me, you’ve got a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month, you can make everyone feel loved without breaking your neck trying to do so.  Chocolate Banana Icebox Cake from