Eating In: Baked Chicken with Jalapeño Pesto

Let’s pretend – let’s pretend our family dinners are Donna Hay perfection. Let’s pretend I’ve planned every last detail down to the fork placement. Let’s pretend the meal is perfectly timed and everyone loves every last bite, always.

Let’s pretend our family meals aren’t at the mercy of whatever I’m testing that week. Let’s pretend my family are not my culinary guinea pigs and I’m not asking them for feedback every 2.5 milliseconds.

Okay, about twice a month, a proper meal with everyone in attendance does somehow happen. But, seeing as I don’t have kids and I’m not married, our family meal is more of a “Modern Family” take — less Stepford perfection and more screaming nephews running in circles, if you will. It’s a meal where everyone pitches in and though it always seems to come together last minute it’s never as haphazard as it might seem.

Baked Chicken with Jalapeno Pesto from

My 5-year old niece might set the table, my brother-in-law might bring wine from his liquor distributing job, and my sister might serve up whatever greens in her garden are ready for picking. And though we might not all sit down until almost 8PM, we somehow we make it work.

Though it’s not very perfect or planned, family meal is a bit of a religion in our house — so, rain or shine, a few times a month, my siblings and I get together with our parents for a proper meal. Sure, it doesn’t sound like rocket science but it’s a lot of scheduling that could, in some circles, might warrant its own postgraduate degree.

Baked Chicken with Jalapeno Pesto Recipe from
So when I tell you I’ve found a keeper for Family Meal — a recipe that’s universally pleasing, pretty easy to make, and still exciting for the adults — well, I mean it’s seriously a keeper. One such creation that went over particularly well was this Baked Chicken with Pistachio-Jalapeño Pesto  – it’s easier to pull together than it is to arrange our schedules and has a lot of fans in our parts.