Carrot Harissa Hummus

Consider yourself warned: you will need to make a lot of this hummus because it goes fast.

I came up with this dish back when Food & Wine challenged me to make a Thanksgiving menu that would please almost every diet and this Carrot Harissa Hummus recipe is one my favorite of the lot.

Maybe that’s because it’s a twist on hummus so it’s familiar but just a little bit different. Or perhaps because it’s a one-size-fits-all appetizer since it’s vegetarian, vegan, dairy-, and gluten free. No matter the reason, I suggest you add it to your fall entertaining plans because it’s everything you want out of a good entertaining recipe — easy, affordable, make ahead, and yet interesting enough that you can make a statement.  Carrot Harissa Hummus from

Oh, and yes, I used harissa in this recipe because I like the warm subtle spice to a good harissa paste. If you haven’t tried harissa before, I really suggest you do. And, I know I’m a Southern California girl and all so I should probably pledge allegiance to the Sriracha flag since it’s made here but if I’m being honest I think harissa is way more nuanced and interest. (Please don’t tell too many people or I may get pelted with Sriracha bottles by their most devout fans.)

Carrot Harissa Hummus from

But, I digress — the bottom line is that harissa may be a bit tricky to find. Here in LA we have a lot of stores (ethnic stores, Whole Foods, and even cheese shops) that carry it these days, but, if that’s not the case in your parts, here are some options: order it online, make your own, or even use another spicy garlic-chile condiment (yes, like Sriracha).