Pretty. Easy. Gingersnap-Walnut Pear Crisp

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? You know, the one you watch when no one is looking? The one you pretend you don’t know when someone brings it up in conversation because you know it’s cheesy, poorly executed, for someone half your age, or all of the above?

Well, sometimes late at night I watch Awkward. Yes, I’m talking about that MTV high school drama show totally made for tweens.

It was a confluence of events that first made it all happen and now Awkward is my guilty pleasure show. First, my up-and-coming television writer friend got staffed on the show and mentioned how she thought it was pretty funny. Then my friend’s up-and-coming band was asked to license their song for the show.

Gingersnap-Walnut Pear Crisp from But what convince me was when my BFF watched an episode (because, let’s be honest, her guilty pleasure is any and everything MTV) and noticed that the show was a total ripoff of our rival high school. Long story short, my BFF was spot-on because the show’s creator actually went to our rival high school and riffed off of her experience to create the show.

Gingersnap-Walnut Pear Crisp from

Anyway, watching Awkward is now my thing so if you’re around when the urge hits, I just might try to talk you into watching it with me. But, don’t fear — so long as it’s pear season, I promise to make you a double recipe of this Gingersnap-Walnut Pear Crisp and serve it a la mode so we can dish on the show and on this all at once.