Last Fridays: Bitter Sweet Sparkler

This month’s Last Fridays are a bit bittersweet since the ending of the year is just that!

Lillian: Finally, the craziness of the holidays is finished! Now we can celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new one. Aida and I revel in New Year’s Eve, but you won’t find us at a mega club standing 50 people deep at the bar. Instead we go gaga and get dressed up in all things sparkly and celebrate with a close group of friends at home. Now we love us some good Champagne, but when it comes to hosting a party we can’t always afford to serve up the stuff we really adore — that’s when a Champagne cocktail like this Bitter Sweet Sparkler is in order.
Bitter Sweet Sparkler Cocktail Recipe from
Personally we love cocktails with a bitter-sweetness to them, which is how I came up with this Bitter Sweet Sparkler for this month’s Last Fridays . It has the wintery aroma of sweet pears, with a touch of bitterness. It involves a liquor called Suze, which is made from a bitter root — gentian. If you are looking for something new to add to your home bar, look no further. Suze is a 19th century French aperitif that has just made a splash on the American spirits scene; grab a bottle if your liquor cabinet needs a new flavor. Suze can be drunk as an aperitif, or added to cocktails and even beer — plus, it comes in a beautiful bottle to dress up your bar cart.

Not only is this Bitter Sweet Sparkler festive on its own, but it also pairs well with Aida’s Blue Cheese and Pear Bites. And be sure to nibble on the pear garnish while sipping this drink. We hope you enjoy this Champagne cocktail while reflecting on all the bitter-sweet moments you had in 2013. Cheers!