Getting Girly: Cacao Nib and Walnut Cocoa Rochers

My niece is into the Disney princesses like woah — have you gotten the memo?

I don’t even have kids but I know that the talk around the kindergarten playground is princess this and that. My sister took Isla to Disneyland for the first time this year and she was psyched. I mean, eyes bulging out of the head, jumping on the bed, talking to princesses in her sleep psyched.

But more than Small World or Cars or Tea Cups or any other ride, all she wanted to do was have tea with the princesses. I mean, hello – where was this when we were that age? I’m not girly (see tomboyish awkward photos from birth to basically last year) so I never played pretend tea time and never had a tea set. But if I had I imagine it would’ve been similar to Isla’s fantasy and would have involved lots of sweet. 

Cocoa-Cacao Nib Walnut Rochers from

This holiday season I’m thinking of throwing Isla a full-fledged tea party but inviting the adult ladies in the family too. So, while Isla and co get tea cookies and apple juice (aka “tea” in make-believe land), the adults will sip pink bubbles and nibble on a few lace gloves and doily-appropriate sweets: like, say, these Coconut Lace Cookies and these Cocoa and Cacao Nib Rochers. 
Cocoa-Cacao Nib Walnut Rochers from

I first made these rochers (aka misshapen meringues) for my friends at California Walnuts and they’ve gone into regular rotation whenever sweets are called for. So, I’m adding them to this year’s Christmas cookie collection for a little something different and so we can all channel the inner princess in us at least for a few bites!