Getting It Right: Coconut Honey Lace Cookies

What’s your sign?

I don’t really follow the stars and horoscopes and all that jazz but I’ve got Aries characteristics through and through. Anyone who follows astrology calls me out on it immediately — I like to think it’s because I’m so passionate but I think it’s my stubbornness that gives me away. 

But sometimes that stubbornness manifests itself as determination and then it becomes an asset — like, say, when recipe testing hard-to-perfect recipes like these Coconut Honey Lace Cookies.

Coconut Honey Lace Cookies from

A few years back, I made a similar recipe to this but, upon remaking it, I realized it wasn’t quite as crisp as I’d like and yet I wasn’t willing to give up the honey because I wanted it to have a really distinct honey flavor. To understand my sitch, let’s talk science for one hot second and discuss one of my favorite food science terms: hygroscopy.

Coconut Honey Lace Cookies from

Honey is hygroscopic which means it pulls moisture from the air — awesome in breads and cakes but not so much in crisp cookies because honey makes them, well, un-crisp. In short, this recipe became  my recipe testing Achilles heel — no matter how much I tweaked it, it just wasn’t right. Finally, I got the ratios just so and, if I do say so, came close to cookie perfection.

While I haven’t checked my horoscope today, I’m pretty sure it’s looking pretty sweet today!