Pretty. Easy. Toasted Coconut and Coffee Salted Chocolate Bark

I’ve got island fever. Or, make that reverse island fever because I’m seriously wishing I could go to Hawaii. I mean, I miss it like woah!

I know, I know, ’tis the season for hanging wreaths, aging eggnog, and all that jazz, but I’ve got Hawaii on the mind. Blame it on the fact I date a Hawaiian – and the fact that we’ve spent Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years there every year since we met 5-plus years ago. Or blame it on my belief that it’s always a good time for a beach vacation.

Ok, technically Chris is half Hawaiian, half Irish but that’s more Hawaiian than I’ll ever be. When we first met, I wrote off Hawaii as a mix of plastic leis, gaudy Tommy Bahama shirts, cheesy ukulele songs, and overly sweet Mai Tais. But over the past 5 years, I’ve spent time house sittingattempting to surf, and falling in love with the real Hawaii.

And when I miss it as much as I do now (and there’s no plans of visiting in the near future) the only cure is to queue up Forgetting Sarah Marshall, mix up some Mai Tais, and make something with Hawaiian flavors like this Toasted Coconut, Coffee, and Salted Chocolate Bark.

Toasted Coconut and Coffee Salted Chocolate Bark from

All savvy homemade holiday gift makers know that bark is the ultimate in DIY gifts – it’s gorge, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make, is scalable, and you can reward yourself with leftovers. There are 1001 ways to make bark so let your imagination loose on this one (or look at it as a chance to use up the last of that Halloween candy).

Toasted Coconut and Coffee Salted Chocolate Bark from

Well, in a sort of self-serving manner, I decided to give the bark a little Aloha-style jazz hands by adding in some toasted coconut, Hawaiian coffee, and some of that awesome red sea salt that is used in everything and anything out west. No, it’s not a trip to Hawaii but it’s certainly waaaaaay cheaper (and way more delicious)!