Cereal-Crusted Paprika Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

Do you believe in reincarnation? I’m not sure I do either, but, if it does exist, I’m pretty sure I was a club kid in my former life. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how much I love dance-y club music but most of my friends have no idea because I’m a closet club kid. During my regular morning boot camp sessions, I lip sync each and every song. And, whenever I have to road trip alone, I belt the beats out loud like I’m auditioning for The Voice.

But, I’d never admit it — in fact, I’d likely tell you I hate club music. Why? Well, who knows why but probably because of my habit of hyperbole. Like how I claim to hate any and all fried food. But, seriously, I’m human so how could I not love fried food. But there is a rationale to my madness and it’s that most fried food is gross — soggy, oily, and just not crisp. But done right and I could have good chicken schnitzel each and everyday. My mother would order Chicken Milanese — basically Italian chicken schnitzel — on super special occasions but I never made either until college. My Swedish friend had an obsession with all things schnitzel-ed and made me an equal opportunity schnitzel eater.

Cereal-Coated Paprika Chickent Schnitzel from www.aidamollenkamp.com

This weekend I’m in Florida teaching at Publix Cooking Schools (hope to see you if you’re in the hood!) and I’ve paired up with my friends at Attune foods for the occasion. They challenged me to show creative ways to use their Uncle Sam cereal beyond breakfast and this chicken schnitzel is one of my favorite ways — the cereal gives loads of flavor and nutrition and makes for extra crunch.

Here I added a bit of paprika for heat, some Dijon for spice, and lots of lemon and parsley because that’s how we do. The recipe only makes 4 servings so I don’t you’ll have leftovers, but if you do? You can always follow Dr. Mollenkamp’s solution for any and all leftovers and “make a sandwich out of it!”