Last Fridays: Grapefruit Beer Mimosa Cocktail

With the Super Bowl two days away, this month’s Last Fridays is all about game day. For the occasion Lillian made this Grapefruit Beer Mimosa and I concocted some Baby Potato Bites with Chorizo to pair them with — I’ll let Lillian take it from here!

Lillian: Even though my hometown team, the Niners, didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, I still plan on watching the game. Sure, rooting for your team makes watching a football game a lot of fun, but the real fun, in my opinion, is getting together with friends, eating all the foods you know you shouldn’t, and, of course, the the half time show and arguing over which commercial was the best/worst.

Grapefruit Beer Mimosa from

Now, stuffing my face while drinking beer over the course of a 3+ hour game has often led to me feeling queasy by the end. Therefore, this year I plan on making a beer cocktail that I can sip–instead of guzzling whatever flavorless beer is stoked in the cooler. I wanted to make something with the consistency of a light cocktail. Personally, I love wheat beers. So I started with Blue Moon, and added some of my favorite citrus juice — ruby red grapefruit, which adds a nice floral fruitiness. Not only is it delicious on its own but it goes great with all sorts of game day fare, like these potato skins.
So if you’re trying not to end up water-logged on beers, try this Grapefruit Beer Mimosa Cocktail. It will help keep you quick and nimble so you can focus on the important part of the game–talking through commercials.