The Man Of War Cocktail

I really like Kentucky — even if I’ve never been there.

I mean, anyone (or place) that creates a cocktail in honor of a racehorse is more than alright by me. This drink, the Man Of War cocktail, is a sort of margarita-meets-manhattan cocktail and it was our unofficial drink of the last week, which seems especially fitting seeing as I was racing all over creation. I started last week in Park City, Utah where I stalked celebs at Sundance and cooked for the local TV station and then headed down to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit Conference. It’s a conference for us blogging types and was a whirlwind experience filled with lots of crafting, creativity, and cocktails.

Man Of War Cocktail from Because all the networking of conferences can quickly become overwhelming, we unwound each night by throwing a mini speakeasy in our room where we partied and played Cards Against Humanity until the wee hours. This Man of War Cocktail was our liquid courage, making it that much easier to break the ice and toast the numerous new friendships we made. My roomies, Delilah and Nicole of Dear Handmade Life, introduced me to the drink and I tweaked it a little bit to share it with you. So, yes, while I realize it’s the start of the week and possibly a bit aggressive of me to share such a strong cocktail, well, I figured it a delicious way to toast friends old and new and that’s appropriate anytime. Man Of War Cocktail from