LAST FRIDAYS: Lillian’s Cinnamon Chipotle Spice Popcorn

Happy, Last Friday, guys — it’s Lillian here. March is around the corner and the weather everywhere seems so extreme — except here in California. While it is technically still winter, we have barely seen any rain or cold weather while our friends on the East Coast seem to be stuck in a polar vortex for the ages.

Before we knew each other, Aida and I lived in New York (at the same time!). Because were were both born in the west, it was a shock to experience real winters and everything that comes with it: wind tunnels, the not-so-cute puffy coat, and an arsenal of scarves. As a nod to the true winter our friends back East our experiencing, this month’s Last Fridays is all about warming up and getting cozy — and what better way to warm up than a Tequila-Spiked Hot Chocolate and some Cinnamon and Chipotle Spice Popcorn.

So, here it is: this Last Fridays is dedicated to all our friends hunkering down in a true winter — we hope you get together and stay warm and cozy with these comforting treats.