Pretty. Easy. Chocolate Cornflake Clusters

Dear Valentine:

I know. I know I’m not supposed to buy into Valentine’s Day. I’m supposed to scoff at the gifts and flowers and all the chocolate. And I really do think the expensive dinner reservations are just unnecessary — I mean, we cook together fabulously at home already.

But, the flowers and chocolate? I’m not gonna lie: I’ll take them. And if you made a habit of it and gifted them on a regular basis, well, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I mean, you know how much I heart chocolate. But you also know that I can’t stand the crappy stuff. So, instead — could I please callin a request and ask you to pretty please make me these Chocolate Cornflake Clusters? 
Chocolate Cornflake Cluster Recipe // All it requires is you opening the cupboard and you’ll see the chocolate and cornflakes right in front of you (yes, I put them in eyesight and, yes, they’re the same ones you use for your morning cereal). The only tricky thing is making sure you melt the chocolate slow enough that it doesn’t scorch, but you’re good like that — that’s why you’re my Valentine. Oh, and good luck keeping these Chocolate Cornflake Clusters from me because I can sniff out chocolate like it’s my job.

But if you pull it off, well, then, Valentine, I’d really know you want me to be yours.

Xo moi