To Do List: January 2014

To Do List: January 2014 via

Hi, lovelies –

So, not sure if you noticed but January came and went. I’ve wanted to revitalize my monthly lists  for a while but in a way where we could interact a bit — does that work for you? What I’m thinking is this: I’ll tell you the things I’m loving right now and you tell me if you’ve done any of them or if you have other suggestions. It’ll be like a To Do List for all of us friends. Cool? Ok, here we go:

READ: It’s quite possible I was an expat in my former life – at least that would explain my unending obsession with the American expat writers of the 20s and their seemingly glamorous life. The Paris Wife tells the story of what it was like to be married to Ernest Hemingway while shedding some light on the good (and pretty bad) of that era.

WATCH: Full disclaimer here — I know about The History of Future Folk because my friend dates one of the writers slash stars. But I’m telling you about it because it’s pretty much fabulous and now that it’s on Netflix you can queue it up for your next movie night session.

SEE: The James Turrell Retrospective at LACMA is open for a few more months but I’m telling you about it now so you can bookmark it. You absolutely have to check it out and go into (yes, into) the “Breathing Light” art piece because it’s totally transformative.

VISIT: I hadn’t set foot in Park City, Utah since my cousin lived there over a decade ago and I forgot: I forgot how quaint it is, how great the people are, and how awesome the skiing is.

DRINK:  Truth be told, one of my favorite places in Park City was the High West distillery with it’s cozy wild west setting, great food, and kickbutt craft liquors. I bought two bottles of their High West Rendezvous Rye and wanted to bring it home with me but we used it all up concocting these Man Of War cocktails all weekend.

LISTEN: Yes, I know all the words to any major Beyoncé hit but I never bought an album until Beyoncé dropped. I’ve got it on repeat these days and love that the videos are just as awesome as the songs.

TASTE: I went to a teeny tiny high school here in LA (60 in my graduating class) but somehow there are a few of us who got into food. Jessica Koslow (who is technically a year younger than me but who’s counting) has the fabulous Sqirl preserves company and I love her Blackberry-Meyer Lemon Jam on a big crusty piece of bread with fresh goat cheese — it’s toast heaven.

SIP: No matter if you’ve been in the Polar or Solar vortex, I think you should make time to get tropical with this The Painkiller Cocktail.

COOK: Apparently cold weather translates to flatbreads and pizzas around my parts so I’m throwing in the towel and adding this White Pizza With Spinach and Bacon to the must make list.

MAKE: Speaking of making, I’m trying to get my craft in light of all the inspiring crafters I met at Alt Summit. I’m thinking this Get Sh*% Done Calendar is right up my alley since it’s one part craft and one huge part practical.

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