Dad’s Mashed Potato Pancakes

We can talk Guinness and green beer all we want, but, if I’m being honest, the reason I love St. Pat’s is that it’s no-holds barred excuse to eat potatoes. And when it comes to potatoes, I’m partial to mashed potatoes — especially my Dad’s mashed potato pancakes. True to his Irish roots, my dad never met a mashed potato he didn’t like and, on the off chance there were any left over, they’d undoubtedly turn into mashed potato pancakes. Mashed Potato Pancake Recipe | | #pairswellwithfoodAs simple as can be, the key to my Dad’s mashed potato pancakes is the insane amount of sharp Cheddar cheese and a ton of chives to freshen it all up. Because St. Patrick’s falls on a Monday this year, I’m determined to do all my partying this Sunday, starting with an Irish-inspired Sunday brunch. Though it’s hard for me to top one of my all-time favorite recipes — this Oatmeal Cheddar and Chive Breakfast Souffle — I’m topping Dad’s mashed potato pancakes with some fried eggs, a few crumbles of bacon, and a bunch more chives this year and something tells me they’ll be a hit.

Mashed Potato Pancake Recipe | | #pairswellwithfood