Last Fridays: Cucumber and Ginger Mojito

Dear Aida,

Jet-setting again already? Color me jealous. Although I could do without the scorching heat, I hear Cuba is the home of the Mojito. So I thought I would make a new version of the classic refresher to keep you cool in Cuba with this Cucumber and Ginger Mojito.

From what I hear, it’s hard to find fresh veggies on that island, and I know how you miss your greens while you travel, so this Cucumber and Ginger Mojito will keep you cool and hydrated–and alkaline! And it’ll be the perfect counterpart to your sweet-spicy Yucca Fries with Mojo Mayonnaise. They’re a perfect pairing and a great way to kick off a happy hour whether you’re in Cuba or Cali.

Have fun and bring me back some stogies!


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