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Cuba Travel Inspiration | | #pairswellwithfood

Mojitos. Classic cars. Buena Vista Social Club. Up until a few days ago, that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge of Cuba. It’s a place often described as “stuck in time” but few Americans get to find out for themselves, but I can now count myself among those lucky few.

I’m currently traveling around the island, from Havana to Cienfuegos and Trinidad with the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles, getting a historical tour and a taste of the local flavor. I can hardly contain my excitement about it all, but when it came to planning, it was first things first: as in what on earth was I going to pack?

I secretly love packing for trips; it’s approximately 60% excitement, 30% stress, and 10% bargaining with my suitcase to fit just one more pair of shoes. With my past travels, a brief internet search has informed me as to what to bring, but the mystery surrounding Cuba has made packing this time a doozy. I love a good hunting though, so challenge: accepted!

True to my bookworm form, I’ve been pouring over guidebooks and articles looking for inspiration, and came up with some gorgeous things that are just as transportive as the country itself. These are some things that I want to tuck into my suitcase, and others are items I want to decorate with when I get back stateside: but they’re all an easy, laid-back kind of cool, with just a dash of retro. All in all, it made packing 90% fun (still gotta leave 10% for those shoes, ya know?).

Dyrzy iPhone Case
Stone Stud Earrings
Classic Panama Hat
Shauna Huarache Sandal
Feather and Sea Pouch
Isolo Radio
Yellow and White Twist Scarf
Arrondi Pitcher
Walsh Gauze Scarf
Old Havana Dinner Plates

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