Wild On World Cup: Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail

Remember that time (two seconds ago) when I talked up how awesome Caipirinhas are? Are you now cursing me for having talked you into buying a whole bottle of cachaça with no way to use beyond those Sparkling Raspberry Caipirinhas? That kinda sucked of me, didn’t it? So that we’re square, I’ve mixed up another cachaça drink in the form of this Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail.

Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail | aidamollenkamp.com | #pairswellwithfood When one of my friends, Gaby, was in Brazil (without me – rude!) earlier this year, she kept posting pics on Instagram of her having the time of her life. It usually revolved around some formula that included  the beach and a cachaça cocktail. One of those cocktails was the batida, which I had never heard of before. It’s like the Brazilian cousin of the daiquiri but with cachaca and, well, Brazilian. Apparently you’re supposed to make it with condensed milk but I can’t get into that ingredient. Instead, I just used a ton of two of my favorite ingredients – coconut and mint – to make this Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail.

Mint Coconut Batida Cocktail | aidamollenkamp.com | #pairswellwithfood You may have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a mint kick lately. I blame it on my sister’s garden that’s cranking out mint by the meter but let’s be real: I also like it a lot. To make it, you throw everything in a blender but it’s comes out less like a daiquiri and more a super chilled drink you serve over ice. No matter what you call it, I say we blend one up because we’ve got many more World Cup games to watch and not enough cocktails.