Last Fridays: Seared Tomatoes with Halloumi and Arugula

Dear A-

I can’t believe it’s already August! I am a Bay Area girl through and through, which means I’m admittedly hating this hot weather we have been having. Well, almost hating it, except that I love it results in all the sweet tomatoes I’ve been getting at my farmers market. I have been eating them at pretty much every meal, by the handful, like candy.

I recently made this Seared Tomatoes with Halloumi and Arugula Salad that I think you would love and would go so well with your Tomato Casino Cocktail. It involves halloumi, which does not get the love it deserves, if you ask me. I mean, how this cheese is not more popular baffles me?!? Seriously: what’s not to love about a cheese that melts like mozzarella and is salty like Feta?

So grab another basket of those delicious cherry tomatoes basking the sun right now, serve them with some soft golden halloumi and arugula, and you’ll have a dish that is deeper in flavor than your usual Caprese salad but just as easy to make — so you can concentrate on keeping cool in this never-ending heat.

Xoxo – Lillian

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