Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad

So, it seems I kinda overcommitted to September — I mean, I don’t know when or where but September somehow became a crazy travel month. Apparently, I have no clue how to manage my Google Calendar but at least I’ve got some cool sights to see in the next few weeks. Our Girls Getaway to Oahu last weekend was pretty dreamy and I can’t wait to share all the gems I found with you. But, for now? Well, I’m only home in LA until Friday so I need to make up for malasadas and Mai Tais with the help of this Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad.

Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad | I don’t know about where you live but California has not gotten the memo that summer is ending so I’m still on the minimal heat, low fuss cooking thing. This Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad has been clutch lately — keeping us happy on our road trip to Napa a few weeks ago and working as makeshift dinner when the day gets away from me and I have no time to cook.

And it celebrates one of my favorite underappreciated foods, grapes. With them available at most grocery stores year-round, it’s almost hard to remember they have a season, so, take this as a reminder that, grape season is worthy of a spotlight too. So, I’m off to nosh on some, while I catch up on bills, do some laundry, and then pack for my next flight, coming up in just two days time.