Truffle Prosciutto Roasted Mushroom Pizza

Roasted Mushroom Truffle Pizza Recipe | aida mollenkamp | #swinthekitchen |

I’m sorry, I’ve been a bit cagey lately and I need to apologize. I have a couple of new projects in the works and pinky promise that I’m dying to tell you about them but I have to keep quiet for just a few more days.

Suffice it to say, I’ve gone from regular (already kinda crazy) workload to outright overdrive and we’ve been ordering delivery dinners more often than I ever have in my life. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I was raised that it was better to make a fried egg sandwich or have a bowl of cereal before ordering out. So, in attempts to stop the delivery before it becomes a habit, I’ve doubled my effort to keep super basic ingredients on hand for anything from avocado toast to easy salads and lots and lots of pizzas — with the winner being this Truffle Prosciutto Roasted Mushroom Pizza.
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Tropical Coconut Cacao Acai Bowl

Brazilian Acai Bowl | | #foodsouvenir | #saltandwind

Not even two weeks ago I was Insta-capturing my adventure in Brazil with TAM airlines but now it seems eons away. I headed to Brazil for the first time to check out a corner of the country – Belém — that’s pretty unknown even to my Brazilian friends. Belém is less Gisele, samba, and bossa nova and more its own situation. As the biggest city in the Amazon region, every Amazonian ingredient– from açaí to brazil nuts to tonka beans – comes through Belém. The trip was like a Brazilian version of Motorcycle Diaries taking water taxis to and fro, crossing rickety bridges, and riding water buffalo, well, just to ride a water buffalo.

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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Favorite Pins – Pumpkin Spice – pumpkins //

Let’s continue the conversation we started last week, shall we? Yep: we’re gonna have to talk about pumpkin spice for a minute. It’s time to push the reset button on this relationship.

Pumpkin Spice, it wasn’t you! You did absolutely nothing wrong. You went on being delicious as you always are, but—maybe it was jealousy from all the other flavors, who knows—for some reason everyone turned on you. It’s not right, and on behalf of civilized society, we’d like to make amends. Get ready for a whole lot of love.

To start off, we made something special just for you—Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Bars. They’re delicious, decadent perfection, because when we say we’re sorry, we really mean it. And to top it all off, this week’s Five Favorite Pins is dedicated to you. Because when it comes down to it, if there was a choice between pumpkin spice or no pumpkin spice, well PS, we’d pick you every time.

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Mozzarella, Beet, and Walnut Dukkah Flatbreads

Mozzarella, Beet, and Walnut Dukkah Flatbreads |

We’ve been going without a lot around here lately. First, we were cooking without heat and then that somehow also became without meat. And, as the cool weather has finally made it’s way to LA, we’re turning the stove back on but still going meatless. These Mozzarella, Beet, and Walnut Dukkah Flatbreads are the rage right now because they’re healthier than pizza and as versatile as it comes – I mean, more or less salad on a flatbread, you know?
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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Apple Picking

apple cider doughnuts

Since when did it fall become an arbiter of cliches? Seriously—”sweater season,” changing leaves, pumpkin everything—all these things rock, so what’s with the aggressive eye-rolling? Why are we accepting the rejection of all the tasty, pretty, awesomeness of autumn?

Well, we say don’t accept it! Take back the cliches, starting with one “trend” that’s particularly delicious in every way: this is your official invite to come apple picking with us—come on, you know you want to!

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Open-Face Muhammara Chicken Melts

Muhammara Chicken Melts |

On average we keep things on the up and up around here. On average we mind our p’s and q’s, eat our greens, and workout on a regular basis. But today is not an average day. Today we’re getting down and dirty with these Open-Face Muhammara Chicken Melts. Because after a week of traveling abroad you’d think I’d be good and want a really big salad but no, I want something super comforting like these sandwiches. 
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Beet Horseradish Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast

Beet Horseradish Smoked Salmon Toast |

I’ve been holding out on you – I realized the other day that I’ve been keeping these Beet Horseradish Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toasts all to myself. Inspired by my trip to Sweden last summer where salmon, beets, and horseradish were staples, these toasts are my go-to breakfast these days. And after having spent the last few days in the Amazonian area of Brazil trying a ton of ingredients I’d never seen or heard of before (more on that later), I’m craving something comforting, something with lots of my favorite flavors, like these breakfast toasts.

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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Tailgating

Favorite Pins – Tailgate – Food52 Flannel //

We gotta say: we’re suckers for some good Sunday Funday football. Whether you reign your fantasy football league or you don’t know what a fumble is, we’re sure there’s one thing we can all cheer for: a great tailgate. And, now more than ever, ’tis the season to tailgate — because when you get friends together and add some food and a little friendly competition, it’s a winning combination.

To us, tailgating is a state of mind — no parking lot or gameday ticket needed to play. So, make some make-shift pennants, stock up on six-packs, and pull out all the flannel you own. Invite over your most enthusiastic friends, and make sure you’re wearing your sneaks, in the happy event a touch football game breaks out among the ranks. Grab a little inspiration from our favorite pins this week and get in the game!

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Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip

Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip |

I know, I know, it’s getting a little awkward so let’s do it — let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’ve got a thing for roasted red peppers in a major way and this Red Pepper Sambal Muhammara Dip. According to the culinary calendar, I should be pumpkin spice-ing my face off this time of year, I’m still stuck in summer. Maybe because I’ve currently flying south, away from Fall and toward Spring and warmer temps. I’ve hit the road with Gaby (no surprise there, I know) and Matt Armendariz is joining too because, well, a travel trio is always better than a duo (or at least I’d like to think so).

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