Inspiration: Hawaii


I’m back on mainland and, just as quickly as my tan lines are fading, so are my memories of my recent trip to Hawaii. My experience house sitting an exquisitely eclectic house has me lusting after any and every design and decor items remotely Hawaiian in look and feel. So, in an attempt to bring home a slice of the laid back, breezy style of Hawaii, I’ve pulled together this collection of tropically spirited kitchen and tabletop items.
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Hawaiian Food Tour


The Aloha State and I are becoming good friends as I’ve spent a fair amount of time there during the last few years. Admittedly, most of that time has been on Oahu, but this latest trip included my first visit to Big Island (aka the island of Hawaii). Along the way, I uncovered a lot of food finds to share with you, and, to really do the trip justice, I’ll be making the next few posts all about Hawaii.
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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Island in the Sun

Pineapple in the Beach |

Right now, life’s a beach.

Last week? Oh, last week seemed to be filled with sniffles and chills and more boxes of tissues than we’d like to count. That “thing going around” got to us, and while some good R&R never hurts, if we don’t see that little red Netflix logo for a long while, it would still be too soon.

The remedy is that we’ve shipped off to paradise this week. Aida’s saying “aloha” to Hawaii, which means we’re saying “well hello there” to some vicarious vacation time on Pinterest. Imagine the salt in the air, sand in your hair, coconut in hand, and the clearest blue water ever seen. Imagine tropical iced tea with a garnish of pineapple picked up 5 minutes from where it was picked itself.

Get your own island fever with our five favorite pins this week.

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