Birthday Bash: Coconut Brownie Cheesecake Bars

Coconut Brownie Cheesecake Bars | | #pairswellwithfood

Last weekend was so much fun that I’m still recovering. Mostly because my friends threw me my first-ever surprise party at a swanky speakeasy. Every detail was set with my favorite bubbly being poured, my old dancing pal performing, and some of my favorite friends to chat and cheers with.

But the one thing that was a mystery? The cake. You see, no one knew what my favorite dessert was because, well, I’ve never really decided on it. Until now. Meet Coconut Brownie Cheesecake Bars.

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On The Hunt: 30+ Easter Recipes and Crafts

Easter Recipes

When it comes to food holidays, Easter is the first true sign of Spring to us – mostly because it’s a chance splurge on all the gorgeous Spring produce. Naturally, then, we’re suggesting you go wild with the veggies when creating your Easter feast menu. Whether you’re planning a brunch, dinner, or fancy-pants cocktail party, we’ve got a list of Easter recipes and DIY decorations that will have you celebrating in style.
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Our Five Favorite Pins Of The Week // Spring Break!

My Five Favorite Pins - Front Row - Spring Break Pins // #pairswellwithfood

Did you guys see the Cards Against Humanity Coachella expansion pack over at WhoWhatWear? If you’ve ever gone to the infamous festival then you’ll laugh your ironic flower crowns off at white cards like “One million girls in neon jorts” and “A wild pack of shirtless bros,” and black cards like “____: the real secret to getting your outfit photographed by a street style photog.”

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Domestic Partners: How To Have A Month-Long Birthday Celebration

April is a big birthday month around these parts — I mean, just in my immediate family we have 5 birthdays in 3 weeks. So, while I don’t want to make it all about me, it is possible that my birthday celebration falls through the cracks. That’s why I’m turning to Gaby in this week’s Domestic Partners because she’s schooling me in her methods for having a month-long birthday celebration that no one will forget!

Domestic Partners is my weekly YouTube show with Gaby Dalkin where we talk food, drink, and all things domestic — be sure to subscribe to know when new episodes premiere!

Papa’s Potion: My Hemingway Daiquiri

The Blended Hemingway Daiquiri Recipe | |#pairswellwithfood

Cuba is still calling to me, almost a week after I left. Perhaps because I’m up to my eyeballs in photos from my trip which, once I finally get sorted, I’ll share with you. Perhaps because it’s one of the more nuanced places I’ve visited — seemingly like so many other Latin American countries at first glance but revealing itself day after day as something complex and decidedly unique. And, for me, the things that most reflect this dichotomy are the Cuban cocktails — I thought I had the Daiquiri figured out until this trip.

Truth be told, I spent my first days attempting to sip my way through every Mojito I met, but I was deterred by how sweet they were and found myself wishing I could have up one of Lillian’s Mojitos instead. So, I switched gears and dove into Daiquiri research instead. Which meant that I did what every American tourist in Havana does sooner or later and sidled up to El Floridita bar to try their daiquiri since it’s touted as  having been Hemingway’s favorite.

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Beating The Heat: Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho

Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho from Tess Master's The Blender Girl cookbook | photo by Anson Smart © 2014

It seems I brought the heat with me back from Cuba — at least to Los Angeles. For the past 48 hours, it’s been blazing hot here with temperatures north of 90°F and it’s made me so lazy I can barely lift a finger, never mind cook. But in an effort to eat fresh and clean after a week of travel and eating out, I’m on a mission to cook lots of veggies. Enter this Spicy Watermelon Gazpacho from Tess Master’s just-released cookbook, The Blender Girl
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Date Night: Sake Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens For Two

Miso Mussels Recipe //

As you guys know, I love to get away. If there’s a trip to be had, I can be packed and ready with suitcase in hand within minutes. Like that one time my coworker casually invited on a last minute trip to Europe and showed up at the airport a day later with luggage and ticket in hand. True, it was slightly awkward at first but we ended up having an amazing time and have been close friends ever since. But no matter where my travels takes me, the one thing I miss is a homecooked meal so I cook and cook and cook when I return even if it’s something simple like these Miso Mussels with Wilted Greens. 
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Get To Know: Miso

Get To Know: Miso

Quick: name one dish you know that uses miso. Did you say miso soup? Because that’s the first thing that popped into my mind when Aida suggested miso for this month’s Get To Know ingredient. It was then that I realized how little I knew about it — trust me, you’ll be so glad we did this. Since here on Pairs Well With Food, Aida’s come up with tons of clever ways to use it, let’s discover this life-changing ingredient together. 

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Missing The Memo and Chocolate Recipes


Is it just me or did I miss some sort of chocolate memo? True, I’ve been away in Cuba for a week but you know I love chocolate – which is why I was delighted to see so many friends sharing chocolate-filled recipes this morning.

The internet is chocolate and more chocolate today from the espresso-almond chocolate pudding cups via joy the baker, to these flourless browned butter brownies from Top With Cinnamon, these brownie cookies from Baker’s Royale and even more cookies from Bojon Gourmet. That said instead of posting photos from my Cuba trip I’ve just been staring at food porn all morning. Tell me, how’s a girl supposed to get work done when there are doughnuts?
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Our Five Favorite Pins Of The Week // 04.06.14

My Five Favorite Pins - Cotton Candy Hair // #pairswellwithfood

How gorgeous is this cotton candy photo? Kristin is up to some pretty delectable collaborations over at Dine X Design, and her new series “Fashion Feast” takes the cake. The whole shoot is worth checking out – and perfect for pins – but this one photo in particular caught our eye – rose and lavender-flavored cotton candy, matched with a cloud of pastel hair and swirled up into one big beautiful mess.
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