Pretty. Easy. Chilled Soba Noodles

Pretty Easy Cold Soba Noodle Recipe

While poking around the other day, I realized I’ve shared a good amount of pastas with you, but have all but failed you in the other noodle categories. I mean, yes, I’m Italian-American so cooking pasta comes as naturally to me as being dramatic, but it’s a total misrepresentation of the noodles that grace my kitchen. There’s a whole shelf filled with various pastas as well as rice sticks, pad thai noodles, udon, and, my favorite, soba.

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Pasta Preview from Keys To The Kitchen

Keys To The Kitchen Heirloom Tomato Burrata Pasta Recipe from

Do you know how much I love you? Enough to share a preview recipe from Keys To The Kitchen with you and only you. If that doesn’t prove my devotion, I don’t know what does!

To celebrate the fast-approaching publication date of Keys To The Kitchen, I wanted to share this simple pasta of marinated heirloom tomatoes with fresh burrata that you must make before tomato season ends. Oh, and for some extra lovin’ I’m pairing with my publisher, Chronicle Books to do the first cookbook giveaway. So, head over to Chronicle and leave a comment so you can be the first to get your hands on Keys To The Kitchen!

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