Inspiration: Air Mail

Inspiration: Air Mail from

I’ve got travel-itis – it’s like senioritis in travel form and it’s hit me bad. If there’s anything I love as much as food and cooking, it’s traveling and everything that comes with it (well, I could do without the jet lag and lost luggage, but you catch my drift).

Anyway, I’m taking a bit of time off as of next Tuesday, I’m headed abroad for a few weeks. I’ll be going back to Italy for the first time since I lived there over 6 years ago! I’m so excited I can hardly see straight and I’ve already begun packing. Here are the items on this month’s Inspiration board with an oh-so appropriate Air Mail theme: 
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Inspiration: Summer Camp

Summer Camping Inspiration from

Sometimes I wish Wes Anderson had handcrafted my summer camp experiences. That way my memories from those times would be of treasure hunts, canoeing adventures, and catching fireflies by the campfire.

Not to say I didn’t love the camp experiences I had but summer camps in the 90s were more about SuperSoakers, frozen yogurt, and B movie nights. As summer officially kicks off this weekend, I wanted to share with you a few things I would have packed were I to go back and do it all over: 
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Getaway: San Francisco

Escape with Ghirardelli dark chocolate #escapewithdarkchocolate @ghirardelli

Daydreaming is an art – it truly is a special skill. My high school French teacher would disagree, as he wrote my daydreaming as off as lack of concentration, but I believe it’s the key to creativity. And, let’s be honest, it’s a coping mechanism for escaping from reality. Especially when your reality comes in the form of travel headaches like lost luggage, cancelled flights, and poor customer service.

I’d like to think I have pretty good travel karma, but really just it’s just a matter of time before the bad stuff hits. And, when you travel as much as I do, it hits pretty often. This winter I’ve been caught in a Nor’Easter, had luggage fly east when I was heading west, and clocked in time at airport cafés while coping with grounded flights. And, that, my friends, is when I daydream.
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Top Ten Good Food Gifts

Top Ten Holiday Gifts

Have you made your list and checked it twice? No, I don’t mean the one for Santa Claus but for your holiday shopping. Yes, the holidays are about giving but, let’s be honest, it all comes down to how awesome a gift you give.

If you ask me, it’s all about who gets the most creativity gifting points, and, of course, if said gift is a good fit for the person lucky enough to receive it. This fall I’ve been circling around a few specific gifts for all the food people in my life and, in the spirit of the Black Friday-induced shopping craze, I thought I’d share a few. So, here they are, my Top Ten Food Gifts that I’d love to gift and get this holiday season.
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Give & Gift Books – Win a Set of 10 Chronicle Books


Once in a blue moon it happens: you find the absolute, positively perfect gift.

You’re in the throes of holiday shopping madness when suddenly, it’s there before you like your own treasure trove a la King Tut’s tomb (except you’re likely at the mall and didn’t have to excavate it). I do my best to will those perfect gifts — making mental notes of the giftee’s offhand comment of what they covet. And I am on a constant gift alert because sometimes that random day trip across the border results in some seriously perfect presents (heart-shaped Mexican mosaic paperweight, anyone?).

But, no matter how much I will it, those perfect gifts can’t be forced. This year, those perfect gifts have come to me in the form books and in a set of 10 — enough for (almost) everyone in my huge clan. Books are a very regular gift in our family — some of us dote over the design and craftsmanship, others crave a good read, and the littlest ones are still catching the literary bug. To celebrate the power of a good book and the pursuit of a perfect gift, I’m joining my absolutely fabulous publisher, Chronicle Books, to give the gift of books. It’s a community-driven campaign to support bookstores, literacy, and to Give Books
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