Give & Gift Books – Win a Set of 10 Chronicle Books


Once in a blue moon it happens: you find the absolute, positively perfect gift.

You’re in the throes of holiday shopping madness when suddenly, it’s there before you like your own treasure trove a la King Tut’s tomb (except you’re likely at the mall and didn’t have to excavate it). I do my best to will those perfect gifts — making mental notes of the giftee’s offhand comment of what they covet. And I am on a constant gift alert because sometimes that random day trip across the border results in some seriously perfect presents (heart-shaped Mexican mosaic paperweight, anyone?).

But, no matter how much I will it, those perfect gifts can’t be forced. This year, those perfect gifts have come to me in the form books and in a set of 10 — enough for (almost) everyone in my huge clan. Books are a very regular gift in our family — some of us dote over the design and craftsmanship, others crave a good read, and the littlest ones are still catching the literary bug. To celebrate the power of a good book and the pursuit of a perfect gift, I’m joining my absolutely fabulous publisher, Chronicle Books, to give the gift of books. It’s a community-driven campaign to support bookstores, literacy, and to Give Books
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Inspiration: Palm Springs


Palm Springs. Just saying it brings forth images of old-school Hollywood, modern architecture, and relaxed vacation style. Well, I’m heading that way this weekend to celebrate my birthday with friends and family, so it seemed a fitting theme for the latest Inspiration board. In the spirit of classic Palm Springs, I’m doing a little design daydreaming — here a few things I’d have in my dream desert house as well as a few items I’d don while relaxing poolside.
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Top 25 Takeaways from Craftcation

Craftcation Conference Logo

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I spent last weekend engrossed in the amazingness that was the first-ever Craftcation: Indie Business & DIY Conference.

Delilah Snell (who was November’s TasteMaker), and her cousin, Nicole Stevenson — aka two of the busiest bees I know — somehow found times in their ridiculously packed schedules to create this much-needed conference. I say much-needed because it’s clear more and more people are getting into the handcrafted world (including food in there too, of course) and that we can all benefit from converging, conferring, and, collaborating.

Here are 25 rather random observations and takeaways:
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Inspiration: Clover Green

Aida Mollenkamp Clover Green Design Inspiration - #pairswellwithfood

Doesn’t the color green just scream Spring?

I don’t mean just any old green because, let’s be honest, forest green belongs squarely in fall and olive would be out of place durant le printemps. No, I mean those bright greens that first buds paint everywhere with all their cheery glory. Of all the early Spring shades, my favorite is clover green, especially when a clover-filled holiday like St. Patrick’s is just days away.

In honor of the most Irish of holidays and the quickly approaching spring (or it may already be around depending on where you call home), here is a selection of clover green items I’m currently coveting. (Spoiler Alert: There is NO green beer to speak of!)
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