TasteMakers: Tara Miko of Happy Hemp

Tara Miko Grayless // Happy Hemp TasteMakers Interview from www.aidamollenkamp.com

I first met Tara Miko last fall when I headed to Austin for my book tour but it feels like we’ve known each other for years. Our mutual friend introduced us because she insisted we absolutely had to know each other and, all I can say is, she was right.

Tara Miko worked in the fashion world but had recently moved from Los Angeles to Austin to change things up and to start her hemp seed company, Happy Hemp. It’s an unlikely path with a highly misunderstood product but she’s made quite a name for her hemp — and many fans — in the short while she’s been at it. Read on and I’m sure you’ll quickly understand why Tara Miko is this month’s TasteMaker.

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TasteMakers: Bryant Terry

Bryant Terry

Bryant Terry is an inspiration for all of us to take action.

The food activist, eco-chef, and author is doing more than his part to help make a more just, healthy, and sustainable food system. I first came across Bryant’s work when I moved to the Bay Area and he had just published first book, Grub. As I got more involved in the local food scene, I noticed his book popped up seemingly everywhere I turned. Reading that book was a big piece of my personal journey to become a more conscientious cook and a more eco-friendly eater and I’ve followed his work ever since. Though I don’t personally eat a vegan diet, I find that recipes like Bryant’s make eating meatless all that much easier and delicious.

He is this month’s TasteMaker because we can all learn something from where he’s been and the work he’s doing. He’s now splitting his time to spend more time with his daughter and she has become his muse for his work as you can tell from his interview below. Here’s a bit about Bryant and his latest project, but be sure to also check out his new web series, Urban Organic, and his latest book from which he generously shared this recipe for Chewy Lemon-Coconut Cookies with Lemon Icing.
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TasteMakers: Jennifer Tyler Lee

Jennifer Tyler Lee TasteMakers Portrait

Jennifer Tyler Lee is on a mission to prove that getting your kids to eat healthy can be simple and fun. She knows that changing the way we eat is a multi-layered, complex problem, but, with a little creativity and a simple change at the dinner table, this Mom of two has been successful in getting her own kids (as well as many others) to eat healthier. She came up with a fun, engaging food-related card game that her kids immediately took to and eventually evolved into Crunch a Color™.
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TasteMakers: Brianna Beaudry

TasteMakers Brianna Beaudry portrait

For this month’s TasteMakers interview I wanted to share the unique perspective of those phenomenal food people who work behind the culinary scenes. One such lady is Brianna Beaudry, a culinary renaissance woman who works in food photography and television as, depending on the day, a culinary producer, food sylist, and/or recipe developer. 

We first met a few years back when I needed some help cross-testing recipes for “Ask Aida” and, even though we just talked over the phone and email, it was clear she was a smart, talented lady. Today Brianna is pulling back the curtain of her world to show us behind-the-scenes and share some of her hard-earned lessons about food styling and recipe development. 
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