Road Rage And Other Little Things

Seared Lamb Chops with Green Harissa from

It’s the little things. Like, say, no traffic on the way across town.

In a city like Los Angeles, that only comes a few times a year and means that gridlocked commutes become breezes. This last weekend was a kismet intersection of Passover, Easter, and Spring Break that allowed the traffic gods to look kindly upon those of us who stayed in town. And I’m not complaining about staying in LA because this city is a whole other animal when you have it to yourself (or you and only 1 million other people, but who’s counting).
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The Three Amigas Tlayudas

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Dinner Recipe Mexican Tlayuda

I really didn’t like TexMex. I blame it on overexposure to crappy quick service chain restaurants and the fact I never set food in Texas until a few years ago. But even more than TexMex, I really didn’t and still don’t like Taco Bell Mexican Pizza (although, as a tween I’d scrounge coins from my sister’s car and buy them on a regular basis). So, when I found myself in a TexMex restaurant in San Antonio, I was simultaneously intrigued and mortified to find a Mexican pizza on the menu.

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