Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Tour de France

Favorite Pins – Oui, Paris – Oliver Jeffers Moleskine Illustrated Paris Map // aidamollenkamp.com

Go figure: as soon as Fall drops upon us, the fashion world wants to talk Spring! The whole concept is much easier though when you remember that it’s not just Fashion Week but Paris Fashion Week. Just the thought of Paris has us humming Ella Fitzgerald while pulling out our crinkled, well-loved maps, and Googling “best baguette in all the land.” As a tip of the chapeau, we’re taking a little tour de France this week with this week’s favorite pins.

But right now, instead of obsessing over Spring fashion, we’re infatuated with vintage city maps that are as gorgeous as anything coming off the catwalks this week. We heart Paris no matter the season, and dreaming about exploring it is (almost) as good as walking the city’s streets themselves. For any friends currently in the City of Lights, we beg you: make sure to take some time to stop to smell the croissants and un cafe au lait (or deux)! And for those of us at home? Let’s all uncover a little Parisian inspiration in our own cities — something petit to tide us over, until we can put those Paris Metro maps to good use.

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Burrata and Agrodolce Fig Crostini

Burrata and Agrodolce Fig Crostini | aidamollenkamp.com

Did you get the memo? Apparently toast is having a major moment and I’m all about it. Honestly, I have never needed an excuse to get on board with bread — if the savory sister of the sweet tooth is a “bread tooth,” I totally have it. Everyone else finally seems to be getting on the bandwagon and celebrating with creative crostini, croutons, toast — really any kind of delicious toasted bread bites. As such, I will be sharing some of my favorite toasty bites over the next few weeks, starting with these addictive Burrata and Agrodolce Fig Crostini.

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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Autumn in the Air

Favorite Pins – Autumn – cozy layers // aidamollenkamp.com

Say goodbye to the neons and hello to crimson and plaids: the first day of fall is (almost) officially here. The last golden rays of summer sunshine are fading, temperatures are dropping and we’re starting to get excited about the changes that await our kitchens, closets, and cityscapes.

Whether or not the climate of your city allows for a gloriously colorful season change, there’s no denying the appeal of classic autumn imagery — forests of orange, red and gold; toasty sweaters paired with burnished boots and bags; hearty feasts of harvest produce with just the right amount of chill in the air. Our Pinterest feed is crammed with crisp, perfect pictures and it took a lot of restraint to stick to our 5-favorite rule this week.

Today we’re raising mugs of apple cider (maybe spiked with a dash of whiskey, to keep warm) in a to toast to all the sights, smells and adventures we look forward to having this season!

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Chimichurri-Tossed Mushrooms with Hazelnuts

Chimichurri-Tossed Mushroom Carpaccio Recipe | aidamollenkamp.com

I’ve got a confession: I just haven’t wanted to cook these last few weeks. Do you know what I mean? It’s not so much that I don’t want to get in the kitchen but I’m not quite ready for slow-cooking, braising, and stews that are Fall. Even so, I am ready to toss the tomatoes and bring on the Fall flavors — I mean, when PSL is in stores it’s clearly time to shelf the Capreses.

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Chocolate Irish Coffee Milkshake

Chocolate Irish Coffee Milkshake | aidamollenkamp.com

Today we celebrate Noni. Because it’s her birthday and she just told me that now, at 92, she’ll finally start admitting her real age.

To toast her, I’ve concocted these Chocolate Irish Coffee Milkshakes because they combine all of her favorite indulgences — chocolate, whisky, and coffee — each of which she has daily and which she claims are secrets to longevity. She’s seriously worthy of toasting not just because Noni is the only grandparent I have left but because she’s an amazing creature. Never one to be seen without her Ferragamo flats, black trousers, and Chanel No 5, she’s as classic as they come.

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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // The Golden Hour

Favorite Pins – The Golden Hour – Golden Drive // aidamollenkamp.com

Technically, the golden hour describes a time of day. Two times, actually — once when the sun first lights up the world then later as the day fades away. But it’s so much more than a time of day. Beloved by photographers, these moments are filled with light that bathes everything in a gilded, hazy perfection. Seems to us that Mother Nature was the original Instagrammer.

To us, these hours never seemed more sweet and precious than in these last few weeks of summer. So use this week’s Pinterest favorites as inspiration to get out and savor these golden rays before they drip onto the leaves and finally fade into winter white.

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Zucchini Rajas Salmon Tacos

Zucchini Rajas Salmon Tacos | aidamollenkamp.com

This weekend Zucchini Rajas Salmon Tacos is where it’s at.

Because, before zucchini season calls it quits, you really need to try these. They’re a perfect recipe in that they’re super easy to make but elegant enough to be from a restaurant. Which is likely because these Zucchini Rajas Salmon Tacos are highly inspired by the Sopa de Crema dish at Taco Maria restaurant. The recipe reflects the restaurant because Taco Maria is pretty unassuming when you first walk in but a few bites and it’ll knock your calcetines off (see what I did there?).
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Cuban Iced Chocolate Frappe

Cuban Iced Chocolate | aidamollenkamp.com

This post has been about 6 months in the making because I’ve struggled to find the words to describe Cuba. It gets labeled as a place stuck in the past but, flying from Miami to Havana with people carting XBoxes and flat screen TVs for relatives, well, that didn’t add up. It didn’t seem so much stuck in time as in a parallel world apart yet next to the one we live in. So, I started in the kitchen and cooked up my favorite food memories instead.

This Cuban Iced Chocolate Frappe is homage that afternoon in Old Havana — that time it was blazing hot with no breeze to speak of and I was desperate for relief. I ducked under a colonnade for shade and started chatting with a 20-year old cab driver — who would easily pass as Ralph Macchio’s brother — and he asked me about the US while I asked about the cherry red classic car he had restored himself. Within minutes he convinced me that a seaside drive would make the heat that much more bearable and I hoped he was right.

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Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad

Quinoa Grape Chicken Salad | aidamollenkamp.com

So, it seems I kinda overcommitted to September — I mean, I don’t know when or where but September somehow became a crazy travel month. Apparently, I have no clue how to manage my Google Calendar but at least I’ve got some cool sights to see in the next few weeks. Our Girls Getaway to Oahu last weekend was pretty dreamy and I can’t wait to share all the gems I found with you. But, for now? Well, I’m only home in LA until Friday so I need to make up for malasadas and Mai Tais with the help of this Grape Quinoa Chicken Harvest Salad.
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Our Five Favorite Pins of the Week // Island in the Sun

Pineapple in the Beach | aidamollenkamp.com

Right now, life’s a beach.

Last week? Oh, last week seemed to be filled with sniffles and chills and more boxes of tissues than we’d like to count. That “thing going around” got to us, and while some good R&R never hurts, if we don’t see that little red Netflix logo for a long while, it would still be too soon.

The remedy is that we’ve shipped off to paradise this week. Aida’s saying “aloha” to Hawaii, which means we’re saying “well hello there” to some vicarious vacation time on Pinterest. Imagine the salt in the air, sand in your hair, coconut in hand, and the clearest blue water ever seen. Imagine tropical iced tea with a garnish of pineapple picked up 5 minutes from where it was picked itself.

Get your own island fever with our five favorite pins this week.

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