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Salt & Wind is an online food lifestyle magazine founded by Aida in December 2014.

Since it’s creation, Salt & Wind has become an essential resource for curious food travelers who want to taste the world. Aida understands the world through the lens of good food and she wanted to share that with like-minded travelers. Always inspired by the places she goes, Aida sets out to not only provide recipes inspired by travel, but also offer a creative resource for passionate and aspiring travelers that encourages discovery and creativity.

Team Salt & Wind is constantly on the go, searching out new tastes, trends, and rediscovering modern twists on timeless classics. Salt & Wind knows that travel lovers are thinking about travel even when they’re not on the road. So, if you’re home décor is made up of treasures you’ve collected while traveling or you cook recipes inspired by where you’ve been, well, we’re talking to you.

Come join us as we taste the world!

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We’re always looking for amazing photographers, writers, and recipe developers to share their food adventures so reach out to us at edit [at] saltandwind [dot] com to pitch ideas or talk about becoming a regular contributor!

And, if you’re a brand and want to work with Salt & Wind, with Aida directly, talk to our team, have business or media inquiries, please check the Salt & Wind Contact page.

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