The Oscar Buzz Cocktail

Aida Mollenkamp The Oscar Buzz Moet & Chandon Cocktail Recipe

Nothing says celebration like something bubbly so I’ve got two champagne cocktails to share with you today and tomorrow. First up is this blood orange and pomegranate champagne cocktail I’ve coined The Oscar Buzz. It’s made with seasonal ingredients, as bright red as the red carpet, and balanced enough that it can pair with a variety of finger foods.

This is also the cocktail I developed for this year’s Oscars for Moët & Chandon so the key was to make it flavorful yet not so bold that it overpowers the champagne. It pairs fabulously with all the food I’ve shared this week as part of the Oscars Viewing Party though it’s versatile enough to match with a variety of foods. Of course, it’s also quite fabulous on its own so don’t feel the need to throw a whole party just for an excuse to mix one of these up.
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1920s French-Style Oscars Party

Aida Mollenkamp Oscars Viewing Party

Today was très amusant! I woke up to throw together a 1920s French-themed party and share it with my friends on Access Hollywood Live. Seeing as I’ve been working with Moet & Chandon a French-ified party seemed parfait. So, I donned my best 1920s makeup, decorated with a mix of modern metallics and vintage glasses, and assembled an assortment of finger foods with classic French flavors.

Here’s a few tips I passed on, a menu inspired by classic French foods, and a few behind-the-scenes snapshots of  the food I prepared.
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Salmon, Crème Fraîche, and Fennel Rillettes

Aida Mollenkamp Smoked Salmon Rillettes Spread Recipe

Midnight in Paris is the next movie that I’m paying homage to as part of my week of Oscars-themed recipes. Since the film flips and flops between modern-day and 1920s Paris, I decided to make a contemporary twist on a classic French recipe.

All you have to do is read two lines of any Lost Generation novel and the romanticism surrounding that era is infectious. It’s hard to deny the quiet elegance of that era — as France recovered from World War 1 and American writers walked the streets looking to escape and find inspiration. That is a lot to translate into finger food, but I immediately thought of the classic French appetizer, rillettes. Similar to a pâté, rillettes are traditionally made by slow cooking pork in its own fat and then mixing it for a seriously decadent spread.

I wanted to give it a more modern, quicker, and slightly healthier twist so I came up with these Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche, and Fennel Rillettes. They’re made by breaking up smoked salmon and folding it together with a double dose of anise flavor from the fennel and the herbs and a dollop of creme fraiche for a touch of decadence. This spread has a smoky, sweet, anise flavor and is as delicious on a cracker as it is between bread for a quick sandwich. And, of course, since this is another recipe I developed for Moët & Chandon, it tastes even better when paired with some chilled champagne.
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Pancetta, Thyme, and Fontina Gougères

Aida Mollenkamp Pancetta Thyme and Fontina Gougeres Recipe

If ever there was a time to celebrate the bright lights of fame and Hollywood, it would be now, during the awards season that kicks off each January and culminates with the Oscars. This year I’ve been working with Moët & Chandon to help Hollywood celebrate the awards season with some entertaining recipes and ideas. In that spirit, I’ve developed some finger foods and cocktails to help celebrate the 2012 Academy Awards home so you can host your own Oscars Viewing Party.

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