Local Adventure: My Mission


San Francisco’s Mission District and I have a love-hate relationship. In the six years I’ve lived in the city, I’ve frequented it for food, fun, and other adventures, yet have always been a bit annoyed by the prevalence of hipsters, hookers, and other hooligans. Recently, I found myself professing my love for the Mission during a culinary walking tour, so it’s decidedly more love than hate. Truth be told the Mission’s a melting pot of flavors, experiences, and adventures that I’ve come to adore. Here are ten places to check out in the Mission (and a map to tens more that I frequent for everything from gifts to good eats).

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Community Gathering

Talking up the night's menu

Homeward Bound of Marin is a special place; the kind of place that feels familiar even if you’ve never been there before. I was invited to visit, demo, and cook as a means to help the organization gain awareness and to, in their words, fun-raise. The event took place in their state-of-the-art cooking school that,…
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Local Adventure: Off the Grid, On the Grill

Two of the most popular trucks side-by-side

Apparently my watch is off. Either that or people have learned that to get on line for Off the Grid you’ve got to be early; I showed up just minutes past 5 and the place was already bouncing. Off the Grid is a weekly eat-in organized by SF Cart Project and La Cocina and, though it has not even been two months, I’ve already heard about it more than the latest LiLo dramas.

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