The Dental Hygienist And Her Sugar Stash

Chocolate-Almond Butter Easter Eggs from

My mother loves Peeps. And cheap white cake. And candy corn. Which is totally ironic because she was a dental hygienist and rarely had sugar in the house when we were growing up (that we knew of).

Her sweet tooth goes into overdrive during the Easter season when she can be found diving into her stash of Chocolate-Peanut Butter eggs with abandon. But those over-the-counter eggs are loaded with all sorts of subpar ingredients never mind the fact that they could just be so much better with a few tweaks. So, this year I made her homemade chocolate eggs. 
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Local Adventure: Off the Grid, On the Grill

Two of the most popular trucks side-by-side

Apparently my watch is off. Either that or people have learned that to get on line for Off the Grid you’ve got to be early; I showed up just minutes past 5 and the place was already bouncing. Off the Grid is a weekly eat-in organized by SF Cart Project and La Cocina and, though it has not even been two months, I’ve already heard about it more than the latest LiLo dramas.

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Learning Sweet-ish

Stockholm Sunset

Sterotypes exist for a reason. Well, for the most part they’re unfounded generalizations, but every once in a while they’re really, honestly spot on. Returning from Lebanon, I decided to take a breather and stop through Sweden to visit friends and celebrate Midsummer. Having never been there before, I had visions of blond-haired, blue-eyed, black…
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Sweet Somethings

Michel Cuizel Cafe

Dear Valentines Day,

Why do you have to be so sappy, commercial, and blatant? And why you gotta make me feel so crummy? I mean either you pressure me to splurge because I’ve got a S.O. or you consider me pathetic because I’m alone. From the chalky candy to the cheap flowers, the excessive amounts of pink to the bad sparkling wine, you’re the least bearable day of the year.

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Stocking Stuffers

Carambar Variety

SugarDaddy was always it for me when it came to commercial caramel candies, but then I moved to France and discovered the Carambar. Far too soon for my sweet tooth’s liking, I returned to the states and found you’re more likely to sight a unicorn than come across a Carambar. But recently I found my…
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