Happy Hour: Berry Crush

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Cocktail Recipe Bramble Cocktail

Have you ever had a Bramble? No, I’m not talking about the thorny bush, but about a cocktail. If you haven’t tried it, consider this an intervention — you must have at least one before the summer is through.

I can’t remember where or when I first tried the Bramble, but I do recall that I fell for it instantly. That’s saying a lot because it’s gin-based and I’ve never been big on the often overpowering flavors of gin. But, the Bramble’s a different story. It’s a balanced mix of sweet, sour, fruity, and botanical (from the gin), so no one element overwhelms the other.

There’s something about the drink — perhaps the name or the traditional method — that has an air of an old school cocktail, but, by cocktail standards, it’s a spring chicken. The London-based bartender, Dick Bradsell, came up with the Bramble in 1984 when he added berry liqueur to a Gin Sour. Since then it has since become so popular in England some have coined it the Cosmopolitan of the UK. (Though, it must be said, that I think the Cosmo pales in comparison to the Bramble.)

And, as you can see above, this drink has as much going for it in looks as it does taste thanks to the berry liqueur that stains it an intense purple hue. But, my favorite part? The whole thing gets strained over crushed ice and looks like a snow cone, be it a very adult, boozy take on a snow cone.

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Happy Hour: Toasting the Times, with Two Fruit Cocktails

Fruit Cocktails - recipes // aidamollenkamp.com #pairswellwithfood

It’s time to celebrate. As if the holiday weren’t enough of an excuse, today is also the the unofficial start of summer , and, as I’ve made you well aware, the launch of the new Cooking Channel. That’s reason enough for me to concoct not one but two seasonal cocktails. So, whether your bbq-ing with your buds, partying poolside, or chilaxing indoors, check out these fruit cocktails.
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