Smoked Paprika and Oregano Roast Chicken Recipe

Paprika Roast Chicken Recipe

Apparently I’m emotionally attached to my grey scarf. I say apparently because this was totally unbeknownst to me until I couldn’t find it the other day. If you’ve ever been around me when the weather’s chilly, you’ve likely seen that scarf around my neck. I wear it so much that it makes an appearance in nearly every other photo of me during cold weather.

Well, I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until it went missing last week, which I guess is the reality of life. We don’t appreciate things until they’re gone. Lucky for me, I left the scarf in a sleepy cafe at one of the ferry stop towns on Puget Sound, so it was easy to retrieve. That might be a bit of an understatement, since I forced my younger brother to drive an hour out of the way just to pick it up. I then arrived at the cafe and they were convinced I was retrieveing a credit card because, in their defense, who would really be crazy enough to drive that far for a boring grey scarf, right?
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Pretty. Easy. Almond-Vanilla Baked French Toast

Pretty Easy Recipe - Baked French Toast

French toast is one of those dishes everyone should master for, say, a brunch when you want to cook for a crowd or a decadent breakfast-in-bed for Valentine’s Day. Either way, this recipe is the perfect place to start. It’s a departure from tradition because it’s baked rather than pan-fried, so you can put the focus on your guests or significant other rather than tending to a hot pan.
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Sweet-Spicy Harissa Roasted Almonds

Aida Mollenkamp Healthy Easy Snack Recipe Roasted Harissa Almonds

I need a “pause” button for life. Last week, in 48 hours time, I flew from Los Angeles to New York to Los Angeles and finally to Hawaii, where I arrived beyond jet lagged. You’re probably thinking, “Hawaii, huh? Quit your complaining!” But, the reality is that I have a few more weeks of work ahead of me before I can really take a break. In the five days since I arrived on island, I’ve spent every waking moment indoors going line-by-line through the galley version of my cookbook. It’s an exhausting but necessary process that will bring the book one step closer to completion.

Needless to say, I’ve been in need of brain-food to keep me uber-focused and that where this recipe fits in. I wanted a roasted almond snack that’s a bit more exciting than almonds straight from the bag but quick enough to fit in my schedule. The result are these super low-fuss, but flavor-packed roasted nuts. They’d probably work fabulously as part of cocktail party or as a holiday gift, but, I won’t be thinking about those things for at least another 5 days. And, at the pace I’m going, that might as well be light-years away.

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Spinach Salad With Pears and Pomegranate

Raw Spinach Salad with Pears and Pomegranates Recipe

Some scoff at the idea of adding a salad to the Thanksgiving spread, but it’s an elegant way to start things off, and, if you’re watching your waistline, it’s an easy way to fill up on healthy calories before you dig into the rest of the meal. This seasonal salad works during the fall or winter, and brings a lot of festive color to the holiday spread with sliced pears, red onion, and tart pomegranate.
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Pretty. Easy. Pimientos de Padron

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Recipe Blistered Pimientos de Padron

I’m not much of a gambler. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even played roulette. But every June through September, when Padron peppers are in season, I try my luck. The age-old Galician adage (where this chile pepper originated) says it all: “Padron peppers, some are hot and some are not.” You see, Padron peppers are generally a mild, fruity chile pepper but approximately 1 of every 5 has a fiery heat — hence the reason eating them has been coined playing pepper roulette.
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Bread Winner: Buttered Soft Pretzels

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Recipe Buttered Soft Pretzel

I have an extra large weak spot for good bread. In my utopia, I could nibble at baguettes, throw back crusty pizzas, and chomp down on chewy pretzels with abandon. But, of all breads, pretzels are my absolute favorite for snacking. I’m not a particularly choosy pretzel snacker as I crave soft buttered, hard sourdough, honey wheat sticks, and small twists equally.

So, when the crew at Eat Real Los Angeles asked which bread I’d like to do for a hands-on cooking session, it was soft pretzels. I first developed my pretzel recipe a few years ago when I dreamed up a pretzel grilled cheese. Since then, I’ve finagled, fussed, and refined that recipe to this one that’s soft in the middle, chewy, malty, and a deep browned exterior. The perfect homemade soft pretzels if I say so myself.
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The Great Margarita Debate: Guava Cadillac Margarita

Mazda 5 - Guava Cadillac Margarita Cocktail Recipe // #pairswellwithfood

Road trips are where friends reveal their true colors. Yet after double-digit hours on the road, thousands of miles traveled, and getting to know my friends on a whole new level, I still adore them thoroughly. I may like them even more than when we started, but, we have decidedly different views on things — particularly  when it concerns margaritas.

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