Attune Foods Healthy Holiday Recipe Contest


I know it isn’t ladylike to brag, but, admit it, do you have the best recipes around? Are your friends begging you for a special pie or side dish every holiday season? Well then now is the time to show off your stuff and compete against the best of the best.

This holiday season (ok, it’s not yet the holiday season, but it’s always great time for a little friendly competition), I’m working with Attune Foods to find the best healthy holiday recipes out there. There are four categories in total that you can join in and I’ll be joined by some of my favorite food friends, each of whom will judge one of the categories. So, let’s get down to specifics already!
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Weeknight Shrimp and Tofu Pad Thai


One of the most common questions I get asked is what I cook when I’m not cooking.

Between recipe testing, styling, and shooting, work leaves me with plenty of leftovers,  but there are a few easy, quick recipes I always rely on and have “most” of the ingredients on hand. (Meaning, I keep the dry ingredients as pantry staples so I only have to stop by the store for a handful of fresh things.) I’m going to start sharing these easy weeknight recipes with you beginning with Pad Thai.
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1920s French-Style Oscars Party

Aida Mollenkamp Oscars Viewing Party

Today was très amusant! I woke up to throw together a 1920s French-themed party and share it with my friends on Access Hollywood Live. Seeing as I’ve been working with Moet & Chandon a French-ified party seemed parfait. So, I donned my best 1920s makeup, decorated with a mix of modern metallics and vintage glasses, and assembled an assortment of finger foods with classic French flavors.

Here’s a few tips I passed on, a menu inspired by classic French foods, and a few behind-the-scenes snapshots of  the food I prepared.
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Pretty. Easy. Almond-Vanilla Baked French Toast

Pretty Easy Recipe - Baked French Toast

French toast is one of those dishes everyone should master for, say, a brunch when you want to cook for a crowd or a decadent breakfast-in-bed for Valentine’s Day. Either way, this recipe is the perfect place to start. It’s a departure from tradition because it’s baked rather than pan-fried, so you can put the focus on your guests or significant other rather than tending to a hot pan.
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