Bresaola – Mispronunciations And The Other Cured Meat

bresaola sifu renka flickr

I couldn’t say yacht correctly for the longest time. Until I was nearly in junior high, I kept saying it like hachet but with a “y.” Well, apparently it’s an affliction that doesn’t die easily, because when I moved to Italy, I couldn’t say bresaola for the life of me. I don’t know if my mind was thinking it was another word or what, but I kept saying it some weird way that was the source of great amusement to my friends and great embarrassment to me.
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You Art What You Eat

eat lacma

I found myself at the crossroads of eat and art when I attended EatLACMA (curated by Fallen Fruit) wherein 50 artists took over LACMA’s grounds with installations, activities, and talks all centered around edible stuff. It was a festival of whimsically weird meets deliciously innovative and an inspired event to say the least. Here are the pieces that got both my creativity and my salivary glands flowing:
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