TasteMakers: Jennifer Tyler Lee

Jennifer Tyler Lee TasteMakers Portrait

Jennifer Tyler Lee is on a mission to prove that getting your kids to eat healthy can be simple and fun. She knows that changing the way we eat is a multi-layered, complex problem, but, with a little creativity and a simple change at the dinner table, this Mom of two has been successful in getting her own kids (as well as many others) to eat healthier. She came up with a fun, engaging food-related card game that her kids immediately took to and eventually evolved into Crunch a Color™.
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Pomegranate-Vanilla Sparkler

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Recipe Pomegranate Vanilla Sparkler

One of the questions I’m asked most often is where I get inspiration for recipes. It’s a hard question to answer because most the time I know I’m inspired though I can’t really pinpoint why. Was it that trip I just took? That art show I just saw? The album I was just listening to? Or that hike I took the other day? Sometimes though I can pinpoint precisely where and when I got inspired, like with this non-alcoholic pomegranate-vanilla cocktail.

I worked with OpenSky to add these upcycled tumblers to my store because I’ve been giving them as gifts for my eco-conscious friends for the past few years and they’ve always been well received. When asked what I’d put in them, something bubbly and colorful came to mind and, in an effort to play up the festive nature of the green glass, I came up with this red-hued pomegranate soda.

For a homemade gift, you could gift the syrup in a large canning jar — perhaps even with a recipe for the drink and a few of the Bottlehood tumblers. If you’re feeling adventurous (and have a lot of spices on hand), go ahead and add a few cardamom cloves, or a star anise piece with the vanilla. And, if you haven’t yet had your fill of libations, feel free to spike it with a shot of your favorite booze — it’s safe to say either rum or bourbon would work especially well.

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Two Godly Thumbs Up – July 4th Poolside Cookout

July 4th Food

I don’t mean to brag, but I got to cook for a god this holiday weekend and he was a big fan. Our July 4th celebration was a very last minute affair so we had an intimate group of friends and family over for some pooltime and a laidback cookout. Though my friends are a bunch of first-class eaters, the champion-of-the-day was 3-year old Thor who, fittingly to his super-human name, is a big fan of steak.
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Using Your Noodle

Teaching the teens some tricks and tips to my peanut noodle salad.

My philosophy is that good knife skills lead to great life skills. I came to cooking in high school and it helped me foster creativity, competence, and, above all, confidence; useful skills both in and out of the kitchen. So, now that I’ve made a career out of cooking, it’s my priority to helping the next generation nourish their bodies and their minds via some time in the kitchen.

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