1920s French-Style Oscars Party

Aida Mollenkamp Oscars Viewing Party

Today was très amusant! I woke up to throw together a 1920s French-themed party and share it with my friends on Access Hollywood Live. Seeing as I’ve been working with Moet & Chandon a French-ified party seemed parfait. So, I donned my best 1920s makeup, decorated with a mix of modern metallics and vintage glasses, and assembled an assortment of finger foods with classic French flavors.

Here’s a few tips I passed on, a menu inspired by classic French foods, and a few behind-the-scenes snapshots of  the food I prepared.
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Getting in the Mood


Sometimes I just can’t get in the mood. I’ll sit down to write and it’s like my creative juju is jinxed. The worst part is that, like a bad houseguest, writer’s block (aka recipe developer’s block or blogger’s block) shows up without the slightest indication of when it plans on leaving. Even more frustrating is that it is too often conveniently coordinated with an impending deadline.
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Seconds, Anyone?


As a cook, the ultimate compliment is having someone ask for seconds, and, as a TV person, well, the same holds true. I’m over the moon as foodCrafters has been asked to serve up a big serving of seconds and a season of 13 new episodes will be starting this Monday. The crew and I are still on the road in Austin, Texas filming the last of the stories, but we’ve got a load of drool-worthy stories already lined up for you. Here’s the road map of what’s ahead for the next few months and when it’s all airing:
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The Crew That Gets Me Through


foodCrafters is quickly finding a seriously following and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it. When people come up and say, “I really like your show,” it’s the greatest of compliments because I’m tirelessly criss-crossing the nation to get the best stories about stellar foods from the top artisans to you. But the truth is, it’s not my show; I do adore the show, but it takes a whole crew to make it happen.
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