Spicy Thai-Style Steak and Eggs

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Dinner Recipe Thai Steak And Eggs

Not every meal needs something totally off-the-charts different; sometimes a simple riff on a classic will do.

This time of year, when I’m in San Francisco and the rain is slanted sideways and the fog so thick I feel alone in a city of nearly 1 million people, that’s when I crave easy recipes that are simple riffs. That’s when I crave brunch dishes that are a bit heartier, like, say, steak and eggs. And a cup of coffee — French press served black, thank you very much.

But the steak and eggs? I want them only so simple. I want them low maintenance enough that I don’t need to put in too much effort, hearty enough to soak up the remains of last night’s libations, yet interesting enough that I don’t feel like I’m just eating another plate of steak and eggs. So, usually, I throw on my sunglasses, tug on a large hat, and stay out of the glare of the sun — not too much of a problem in a place like SF — and head over to my go-to brunch joint for spot-on steak and eggs.

But, when I’m not in San Fran and I can’t roll myself to the brunch joint for this classic dish? That’s when I throw it together myself, but, as I tend to do, I add my own twist — this time with some Thai flavor. The base is a seriously versatile Thai-inspired marinade that would work just as well coating shrimp, pork, or chicken as it does this steak. And, after a brief marinade and some quick stove time, breakfast is as simple as that. Or brunch, or lunch, or dinner, because, let’s be real, this type of dish has a place at the table any time of day. Usually, I serve it over just-steamed rice (so it can soak up the marinade) though it would be even more satisfying served with a simple hash, like these beets or sweet potatoes.
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Foods That Tickled My Fancy

Fancy Food Show San Francisco

Come January the Fancy Food Show takes over San Fran as 1,000s of brands set up shop to tout their wares and push their free samples. Some products are brand new, others are old favorites, some just jumping on the trend bandwagon, and still others are downright absurd. It’s tons to sift through but after tasting the good, the gross, and the scary, I settled on a few worthy products. Keep an eye out for these foods as they become increasingly popular in the year ahead:

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