Glad Midsommar

Herring plate (from left): minced red onions with chives, creme fraiche, sherried herring, pickled herring, parsley herring, Dijon herring, tarragon cream herring, and dilled baby potatoes

Parties and I get along really well — I like eating, dancing, and fun times and good parties are a source of all those things. So when I found myself with some free time around mid-June, it was only natural that I headed to Sweden for the nationwide party that is Midsommar. Not only is Midsommar the main holiday in Sweden, but also it’s a field day for me because the menu is centered around herring and aquavit, and you haven’t really celebrated until you have your share of both.

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Learning Sweet-ish

Stockholm Sunset

Sterotypes exist for a reason. Well, for the most part they’re unfounded generalizations, but every once in a while they’re really, honestly spot on. Returning from Lebanon, I decided to take a breather and stop through Sweden to visit friends and celebrate Midsummer. Having never been there before, I had visions of blond-haired, blue-eyed, black…
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