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201605_Aida_France-2 Food and Travel Expert. TV Host. Author. Editor-In-Chief.

Aida is a food and travel expert, on-camera host, author and founder of Salt & Wind, a travel company for food lovers. The company started with the food and travel online magazine, Salt & Wind, and has expanded to include concierge services and boutique group travel for food lovers with Salt & Wind Travel.

She studied at the Cornell Hotel School and Le Cordon Bleu Paris before joining CHOW Magazine where she worked as Food Editor. From there she moved into television, hosting Ask Aida on the Food Network, Foodcrafters on the Cooking Channel, and In The Pantry on Yahoo!

Aida’s cookbook, Keys To The Kitchen, is a go-to resource for home cooks who want to become more adventurous. She hosts the TasteMade series, Off Menu, where she travels in search of the best food a city has to offer. She created Salt & Wind for those who want to travel in good taste.



A native California girl, Aida was raised on the beaches of SoCal and lives in her hometown of Los Angeles. She splits her time between California and the road, but lives for the laid-back elegance of the Golden State.

Just as California has influenced Aida, so has her family — with divorced, remarried parents and six siblings, they’re a sort of modern day Brady Bunch. With a mix of Irish, Dutch, Italian, and French, home cooking, cured meat, cheese, and good alcohol are common dialects.

Aida has lived north, south, east, across the pond, and has visited 35 US States and over 30 countries, but California has always been her first love. The creativity, diversity, and California attitude inspire her outlook on cooking and life – effortless, fresh, and a bit adventurous.


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